it's on!...again.

last year i tried to take a picture for every day of the year
project 365.
i tried.
i really tried.
but then i'd get backed up.
i'd start guessing which day i took that one...
and the downloading and editing got to be too much for my sad little mommy brain
so i stopped
i'm ok with stopping.
im ok with not finishing every idea that i start
(remember 30 bags for 30 days? i think i made 15 bags?)
sometimes i just have to try, give up 
and then just try again later.
that's what this is.
trying again.
this time i downloaded an iphone app.
it's not the same as taking a photo with my nice camera, i know.
but for this time of life i think it will work for me so that i may even finish.
imagine that!

i started on august 5th 

i know the pictures are tiny.
but you've seen most of um before on insta-friday or another post...
here are few of them full sized.

wish me luck!
i'm tryin' again!


  1. Oh, I have that app! I suppose I should use it one of these days ;) I LOVE the first large pic - amazing.

  2. Good luck! This *was* my 3rd year of 365, but I totally dropped this ball this year (pregnant with baby #4 will do that). My past 2 years weren't totally complete, a few holes here and there, but it was good enough ;-) I find I'm doing a little better with my phone app. Maybe i'll give it a go again in 2012.

  3. so so so cute! is that the $10 target ruffled bathing suit?

  4. Now that seems more doable to me. What's the app called? I just entered the 21 century and got an iphone this week- watch out!

  5. good luck! i always love your instagram shots. such a good eye you have, ms. shauna. and adorably cute subjects. that always helps! :)

  6. i sure love that banner! :)
    you can do it!!!
    365 here you come.

  7. I would love to know the app too!

  8. I just downloaded the 365 app. too about 10 days ago or so! I love that it has a reminder to let you know NOT TO FORGET!
    love all your pix!