a picture story

haven't heard from me in a while?
well, have a seat.
here is my week in pictures...

chapter one:
the week days and sister time with valerie

donut shop

reed kid love

ticket caddies, lego dana point, candy pumpkin patch, and rearview crazies

picture day at preschool


swingin on the hammock with aunt val

chalk feet

chapter two:
blog sugar weekend
packing and relaxing
balboa in the morning

 the crow bar in the evening

quiet time at crystal cove

on the town with blog friends
thank you, julie, for having  him and then sharing him.

chapter three:
home again, home again...
my life organizer: the cutest ever
from www.erincondren.com
back to my happy place with my girl

paddling with robin

my new storehouse crafts necklace came while i was gone!
check out Christie's blog (she has a shop on there!) you will want one too!

that's all i got, friends.
never a shortage of pictures here, huh?
but i think that letting them tell the story is sometimes the best way for lil' old me.



  1. wow.
    every picture is so beautiful.
    really shauna....fabulous.
    i am sorry about the bad ones on my blog. :)
    it's all i have.
    i stink at the phone pics.....as we learned at the restaurant.
    that was funny.

  2. seriously, if you made a book of your pictures I would buy it. At almost any price. So grateful I got to know you last weekend!

  3. i want a preschool pic. please. and i love the candy pumpkin patch idea. and val, you're one hot lady!

  4. Hi! I met you breifly at Blog Sugar. I'm the girl with the library cards and 2 blogs. I am so glad to have discovered your blog. I love it already. Your pics are so fabulous.
    Can't wait to look around more.
    Love from,

  5. welcome back! :) love all the pics! they do tell a wonderful story, indeed!
    blessings to you!

  6. Meeting and hanging with you this past weekend was a breath of fresh air. And I loved meeting Ella...even if she wouldnt talk to me:) She's a doll and I it made my heart hurt to watch the two of you together. by that point I was really missing my girls.
    Hope you're having a great week of back to the norm.

  7. such beautiful pics. silly me never went up and said 'hi' at blog sugar. i handed you a kleenex while we listened to heather..that was me...but i never said hello after. so hello :)

  8. some of your photos are absolutely stunning! did you take them all with your phone?

  9. you're bacccckkkk! I missed you and seeing your pictures and reading what ya have to say. okay, i need to see more of that life organizer....hmm...wonder if that would help me? i might just really need a life coach i think ; ) looks like a wonderful weekend. oooh, the candy pumpkin patch, shut up! that is too cute. wonder how ells smiled for her preschool pic? glad you are back, friend.

  10. YAY! Thanks so much for the shout out and support! I'm so glad you love the necklace! It looks adorable on you! I bragged about being on your blog at my blog as soon as I read this! HA! So exciting! Thank you!http://storehousecrafts.blogspot.com/2011/09/i-got-showed-some-luv-today.html

  11. I love your photos Shauna. And I loved seeing you at Blog Sugar <3