pie eating contest

hey, so a few of you have mentioned that you haven't seen the reed family pie eating contest shoot yet.
well, it's hard for me to know how to share the photos.
if i just post those big beautiful (unwatermarked) photographs, my pal, joy's photos might be stolen.
that's not cool.
so let me make it easy.
look at the pictures here.
being in joy's photo shoots.
whether in this one ( that i WON!!!)
or this one
has been a dream come true.
joy is brilliant.
and i felt like an actress and myself at the same time.
what's not fun about that?

(oh, and if anyone has any advise on how to share and protect photos you don't want stolen, let me know)
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  1. this shoot is just epic. i love it...totally. we are having family photos up at a state park in a few weeks and your photographs and creativity has definitely inspired me.
    love them!

  2. Shauna!
    I am speechless.
    The pictures are awesome and I can't help but think you are gorgeous in every single shot! Seriously.
    You rocked this photo shoot hard.

  3. I dont think I knew that you won one...lucky lady:) I love how each one is like a different story...yet totally still you. I miss that originality in photographers around here. Everyone shoots generic photos here.Insert big sad face from me.:(