"mollie makes" a pie party!

hey, guess what!?

a few of the photographs from joy's amazing "reed family pie eating contest" shoot
got featured in mollie makes magazine! (seriously, how is she so amazing?)

have you ever seen it?

it is a really cute, creative magazine!
you can get it at barnes and noble.

us reeds are in a few of the photos that are in the article called "a perfect pie party".
it's also available here as an  online magazine.

ella loves hers!
you should pick one up next time you are at the bookstore.
if not to see my super cute kids and husband or the sorta funny expression on my face in one of the photos, than because there are some really cute ideas in there!



  1. that is super exciting! ;) that photo shoot has to be one of the BEST i've ever seen! gorgeous subjects. gorgeous photos. loved it so much. ;)

  2. Awesome.
    Every single picture is a beauty and work of art.
    I am so happy for the photographer and YOUR FAMILY!

  3. Such exciting news! It doesnt surprise me though...both your family and the shoot are beautiful! Congratulations, my friend!:)