100 things....

you know what i'm looking forward to?
this year's dose of november gratefulness.
i know i can be grateful all year long, and i am
but the structure of thinking of one specific thing each day sounds like just what i need right now.
i am also looking forward to it because i am planning on the november gratefulness tradition, to kick off a special new challenge i have for myself.
i first thought of doing this when i saw this video at my friend, joy's house.....

i came home and tried to find it online because this is the kind of thing i want to watch a couple times to really catch all the details, but i couldn't find it at first.
but today i did.
and i knew i had to share it.
and i knew i had to commit to it.
i am going to begin, on november first, to compose my 100 things.
i am going to try to figure out some image to put with each thing(this will probably be the hard part?)
i am going to take my time.
i am not going to just say things to find a 78th thing.
i might take two months.
it might take a year.
there are SO MANY things!
but i am going to do it.
now you know.
i can't wait!


  1. i love this! i might just have to follow suit :)

  2. oooh. this is going to be fantastic! :) i'm so thankful for friends who inspire and encourage me to be and DO better. love this.

  3. that was really so beautiful.
    it made me start to cry.
    that is lovely.
    i may reshare it.....

  4. that was awesome!
    can't wait to see what you do!
    I am going to try to do this too, I LOVE the idea!!!
    thanks so much for posting it!
    have you read One THousand Gifts?
    something along the same lines. this lady made a blog of her gifts: I wanted to copy that idea too!!!
    I think it would be GREAT printed into a book!
    but 100 is an easier start!!!

  5. i'm so excited to read these! this is a great idea.