the rock that is higher than i

hear my prayer, oh Lord!
from the ends of the earth i cry.
your peace will lead me to the rock that is higher than i.

for you have been my strength in time of trouble,
a tower above my enemy.

and Lord, i will abide in you forever
in the shelter of your wings.

i sang this song at my church years ago and have never heard it again since,
but i have thought of it in several times of trouble.
does anyone else know this song?
i don't even know what it's called, so when i search for it i get nothing....
(maybe it was just for me.....)


  1. "Hear My Cry Oh Lord" - we sing it at church sometimes.

  2. beautiful, shauna! happy sunday to you!

  3. How I love those words...in the shelter of your wings. Just beautiful and with the pics. perfect. happy Sunday.

  4. so pretty. love the pic of your footies and the ripply sand. i wish i knew that song.

  5. I remember that song too, I loved it then and still do now!