tiny pumpkins.

remember this from the day before yesterday?

yah, well, one of the MOST annoying things happening at my house right now is the "need" for everything to be fair.
i realize that the reason it is so annoying is that i feel like a failure at teaching the children to be grateful for what they do have instead of looking at each other and being jealous.
but, beside that, it's just super duper ANNOYING.
so when the boys saw that ella had these, OF COURSE they had to have some too.
and each person should have the same amount .
well, i did have enough to make them all five each.
(no wonder they feel entitled, right)
so i did.
and then we named them.
and that was super funny.

good names.
and everyone is happy because it's fair.
hope i don't get hungry and each one.
cause then i'd have to eat three.



  1. The names are hilarious: spitty is my favorite!

  2. I gave 5 kiddos and try my darndest with the fair/ greatfull thing... Super annoying:) ps we made these after your last post but ours names aren't nearly as cute Samson and Delilah ?:)

  3. uhhh.....this is how it is over here, too! LIFE ISN'T ALWAYS FAIR, kiddos = my motto these days, but we try and do our best! what a fun mama! :)
    happy day to you! we might have to do this, too.

  4. i was #5 in a brood of 6 and was the middle child of my pod. nothing was ever fair...i never had anything new...and no one ever listened to me.
    oddly enough, i survived!
    but now i'm an adult that monitors sharing and makes sure everyone has had a turn, because it bothers me even if it doesn't bother the kids. i've just realized while typing this i have issues. all that from drawing on oranges. good job, shauna! :)