the same me.

this is me.
this is what i look like when i'm at my computer.
my sons are sick and so they are doing a star wars marathon (obviously)
i am sitting here.
thinking about my blog.
yes, i'm dressed.
i got this dress at forever 21 yesterday.
it was 24 bux.
the large fits me perfectly (unlike most forever 21 items that fit over my (agh-hum) lower area quite snuggly.)
it's lined with super soft knit cotton.
it feels like jammies.
(plus i can never wait to use something new...i always have to wear/use it right away.)
yes, my nails are painted the same color as my surrounding kitchen.
yes, i have a lot of freckles.
they show up even more when i picnik my photo and turn up the grittiness.
(yes, i picnik my photos of myself)
so here i am, in my kitchen that matches my nails and wearing my new cheapy dress...getting ready to clean up throw-up all day.

this is my life and this is what i feel called to.
at this point, i don't know if i feel called to blog for any particular reason.
i don't feel a calling toward a certain ministry or mission for my blog.
except to be as real as i can.
to be me and not be too worried about what everyone will say.
to give what is mine to share.
my ideas.
my photos.
my projects.
my creativity.
my honesty.
my grace.
my love.
it's mine because it's been given to me.
so why not keep up the giving by blogging about it?

this is not new.
this is what my blog has been about since....probably this post.... but for sure by this post.
but with a lot of talk of missions and purpose at and around blog sugar, i started feeling like i should have some kind of big change.
it's easy to look around and see another's beautiful purpose in life and want to jump on or even wish it was yours.
but the more i think about it, if i feel called to honesty, i have to say that my call is being myself (God's lovely messy little lady) and being a wife and sister and mother.
nothing else is pulling me...yet.
so maybe that's the answer.
i am just God's babygirl.
lots of areas to grow.
lots of life to live.
trying not to get ahead of myself or do things to appear super together for some dumb show.
i did like blogsugar.
i'm glad i went.
it was a good challenge for me.
and i loved seeing some faces that i already loved.
(you girls know who you are)
but now i'm here, getting ready to go get prepared for a guest post for a lovely lady.
same shauna.
same reed life.
hope that's ok with you.....



  1. i think honesty is a ministry and i think you do an amazing job at it. i would not change a single ounce of what you share on this blog of yours
    not one ounce! i love what you share and how you do it. xo

  2. you have pretty freckles and even prettier words. i heart you.

  3. you know what shauna, it's MORE THAN OKAY!!! I am getting really tired of the blogs that go from being someone like YOU, to someone they are not, or trying to advertise too many things, make money and lose sight of why they blog to begin with! so you just go on being YOU and God's baby girl, that's MORE THAN ENOUGH for me and everyone else that reads. I love your photos, your story, the things you do/make, your heart....thank you for sharing the real authentic YOU!

  4. I love your blog and think the you being you is just fabulous. for reals. you are one of my daily reads :)

  5. good post. this reminds me of when people say, i don't really have a testimony (because it's not crazy enough). and for a long time i said that. but you are right, being honest and sharing your heart and your creativity is what you are called to do. and you're being a good steward of your families memories and that's pretty major.

  6. It's definitely ok with me, wouldn't change a thing! Good luck with the throw up.

  7. I think that when we read your blog, we feel empowered to be more ourselves as well. When I read someone who is honest and authentic, it challenges me to be the same. People want to feel known...understood...met right where they are...and you make us feel like it's okay to be who we are. That's a gift, mama!! Keep it up! I need your honest words and beautiful ideas. Thanks so much!

  8. Oh...also, I'm kind of in love with your headband!! : )

  9. i love that you wouldn't change a thing about this space. people are starving for authenticity, and you living out your life and sharing it with us in the unique way that only you can share, challenges me to be content being exactly who i was created to be. i love coming here because i always leave feeling normal and loved and beautiful and cherished, because you remind us that we are. that's vitally important, and definitely a calling and a ministry and a means through which you bring glory to God.

  10. you and your blog inspire me on a daily basis, shauna. your transparency has helped me to embrace who God has created me to be and not be afraid to tell about it. God has blessed you with so many talents, and your willingness to share your little corner of the world with us is definitely a blessing to those who have gotten to know you. your ministry is beautiful. :)


  11. Hi Shauna, I have followed your blog for awhile now, but haven't had a chance to comment before. I found it through Heather's blog {that lovely ladies' team did my blog design}. Anyhow, I can relate to this so much and was just thinking today about what the purpose is for my blog and pretty much came to this conclusion only w/o such a cool dress and headband ;) earlier today only to find this post tonight. I am 100% me and just putting us out there as who we are and I truly think that is what matters most. Your blog is really sweet and I appreciate authenticity so much. {michelle}

  12. You always encourage and inspire me to be a better mother and wife. I love your honesty and even though it sounds weird, I love hearing that you don't have it all together. It is freeing to me. You are so true to what God really wants for you and it encourages me all the time! Be who you are...that's what God wants for us.

  13. you are inspiring.
    you are YOU...with freckles and blue fingernails.
    your blog is a lovely place to come a rest in your peaceful comfort in your own skin.
    don't change a thing.
    you are sharing your life as a wife and a momma in a healthy self reflective way, a work in progress, loving life as a wife and mother, through your creative spirit and talents God gave you.
    THAT is the thing.
    that is what every one was talking about.
    being YOU for christ.
    IN christ.
    you've got it shauna.
    i met you.
    i know this to be true.
    my friday with you was special and you were even better than i thought.
    god has given a REAL gift for seeing life through the camera.
    and to provide a love to your family that ONLY YOU can do.
    i love your heart.

  14. I think the authentic in us is the most important thing, and the thing God uses-even when we have no idea. The world needs more authentic, real people like you! Your real life encourages others more than you'll know.

  15. You ARE sooo pretty Shauna! I love ur nails, hair, & dress!! So cute!
    ps- tell Leslie the Heaven for kids book is AMAZING!!! So good & my kids love it. It creates so much great conversations :)

  16. Being you IS your ministry.
    And no one can fulfill it EXCEPT you.

  17. thank you for this.
    since blog sugar i keep asking God what his will is for my blog, and i don't feel pulled yet. i think he's saying keep delighting in your life. keep showing up for it. keep sharing it and glorifying me. so that's what i'm going to do.

  18. love, love, love you just the way you are.

  19. I read lots of blogs....blogs about cooking, child raising, being greener etc. This is the ONLY blog that I look for in my google reader to see if you have updated! I don't even remember how I found your blog, but I absolutely love the honesty of being a "real" mommy.

  20. Why can't a blog just be a blog, for goodness sake. Why does it have to have a calling or a purpose? Why can't it just be a diary, an escape, something different and personal for each of us. Blog Sugar has kind of made the rest of the blog world feel left out of the inner circle......

  21. I recently found your blog (I think it was the marshmallow milk!), and I love it! Don't change a thing, what you have here is great! Thanks for sharing all that you do.