we laughed, we cried, we got some apples...

so here is a sprinkle of appliscious moments from sunday.
there were the happy moments as well as a few naughty ones
(as you can imagine)
but over-all, us reeds were unified by a mission.
to get apples.
and that we did.
so as i turn off my computer, and with the smell of spiced applesauce filling the house, head up to my fluffy pillow to dream up things to make with a parcel of apples, please enjoy the fruits of our my labor.



  1. This is wonderful.
    Makes me want to go apple picking again.
    And I love the pouty lip picture.
    Reminds me so much of my girl abd boy.
    Do they ever get sick of you taking pictures?
    Mine do!
    But I don't tire of your pictures--they are so beautiful!
    Love from,

  2. i'm so jealous!
    we haven't gotten to go to the orchards yet and time is fleeting! :)
    looks like a lot of yummy fun...
    and adorable pictures, as usual!

  3. just lovely.
    that big ine of the two walking by the big tree......canvas!

  4. these photos are stunning! beautiful...you should go into business if you aren't already!