insta friday-october days

 this is what's been happinin' around here....

some simple halloween decor: black, cream, and white tissue poms with target pumpkin invitations clipped all around them.
i figure i can take down the black poms and pumpkins and substitute something wintry later?
possibly involving spray glitter?
(and yes, i mean without taking the others down. like, just spraying spray glitter into the air... over the carpet...yah, maybe it's a bad idea.....)

our week sadly started looking like this....
towels and a bucket.
the flu.
first ty, then jake.
but it was very fast.
just one bout of puking and then a day of sad moping around.

the flu is dumb.
especially because i had made plans with my cute friend and we had both miraculously written it down in our special new planners.
and then i had to cancel.
i'm trying to be organized and big girlish and this is how i'm rewarded???

sick tummies get toast and Gatorade at the reed house.
and served in straw cups from smart and final, blue Gatorade is the prettiest thing about the flu.
(just God's little reminder that he knows my language even when i have the very humble job of cleaning up puke and waiting on my people hand and foot)

i woke up to a ballerina a few days ago....the light was too beautiful to pass up.
(don't tell ella, but i think we are going to put her in a little ballet class as her 4th birthday gift...i am so excited!)

rainy day school drop off.

Ty got to be sensei for the day on Tuesday.
he walk around bossing around guys that were twice his size.
and he even gave his brother push ups for getting out of line.
it was pretty rad.

does this even need and explanation?

big news!
we got a target in our town this week!
big, big, big news.
it's hard to explain how into it my kids were.
they begged to have dinner there (pizza).
we went on opening day, and i am telling you i think every child from our school was there!
it's like the new place to be!
dangerous. very dangerous.

crazy hair night included the age old trick of putting an empty water bottle in your hair....

ella and i went to d-land today.
we only have a few more months of our passes.
we went on:
1. mr. toad's wild ride (creepy)
2. the carousel (fun)
3. the storybook cruise (the whale freaks me out, but it's really not scary, i learned)
4. small world (obvs.)

5. the train (everytime)
6. winnie the pooh (her new favorite)

and then came home for school pick up.

i wished to go on this.....

(but, i think my little princess might piddle in her little princess pants if i took her in there.)

i got a lovely package from a sweet lady friend this week!
she speaks my love language.
she sent her baby announcement too.
it's the most beautiful announcement in the world.
(i know. i'm dramatic)

i am so glad that it's friday.
because i get to hope for more weekend morning dog piling (pictured below) very soon.
very, very soon.

that's just us.
hope you had a good week too.

life rearranged


  1. What a fabulous week! Apart from the flu, that is!

  2. seriously, it made me really really wanna baby after seeing joy's baby pictures on her blog--she is amazing. what a fabulously creative heart she has. and what a great announcement. target in your town can be dangerous and good. have a great weekend, glad everyone is feeling better! oh, ella is going to be so excited about her ballet class, huh? what a great surprise. wonder what size she is on for that stuff? we have a bunch charlotte has outgrown already.

  3. I can sense the excitement in your Target photo. I also love the sass conveyed in the shot with the rain boots.

  4. Okay, every picture on here is seriously better than the last. I feel so embarrassed. I think I asked you at Wahoos if you knew how to work my camera. Uh, yeah. I think you've got it girl. Amazing.

  5. Crazy hair picture is 100% awesomeness;)

  6. i love your pictures! are those special fancy filters beyond the regular ones that come preloaded on instagram? so nice to meet you at blog sugar and thanks for linking up!