unsung hero

you wanta know who the unsung hero of apple day was?
nothin' hotter than a man in sunglasses eatin' a tiny granny smith, right?

this guy came through in a big way on sunday.
overcoming obstacles left and right.
my camera's SD card was only holding 20 photos?
no prob.
lets go get a new one in town.
an apple orchard (they said they were the last one open) would only let us pick four apples off the trees and then the rest had to be out of the already picked barrels?
jake's crying.
i'm keepin' my chin up.
no, no, lets go into town and have some lunch (at an amazing BBQ place he found) and then, sure enough, he finds another one open.
it's pricey.
but he bit his tongue, went to the ATM, and then marched everyone in.
and as i went crazy taking photos (better get our money's worth!)
he took over with whichever kids weren't cooperating with me and did the majority of the apple picking.
THEN, stopped on the way out for me to get a tall cold apple cider.

all in all, this has never been his favorite activity.
but honestly, you never would've guessed if you'd seen our family that day!
what a sweet gift he gave me.
his happy heart doing an activity that isn't even his favorite.

...and maybe, after three years, he's starting to like it?
(ah, who am i kidding, he's just a kind husband)
thank you,  reedo.


  1. How blessed you are to have him, my hubby is always the unsung hero un my crazy memory making excursions. I know there are a million things he would rather do but he is the bestest:) I'm glad you had a good time and got lots of pics:)

  2. I seriously hate orchards like that! We went to one last year totally expecting to have the whole "apple orchard experience" only to find out we had to buy all of our apples out of these huge bins where they'd already been picked. Total bummer.
    Reedo is a trooper. And he loves you. We're lucky ladies to have our men:)

  3. he's kinda cute, too. i think you oughta keep him.

  4. I love this post.
    Such a sweet husband.
    Reminds me of my man and the OC fair.
    He tolerated it, barely, for years.
    He was really only there for me.
    But this year I think he even had some fun.
    It's good to have good men in our lives, isn't it?
    Love from,

  5. What a fabulous guy!!!
    I have a hubby like that too,
    he just wants to see me happy!

  6. such a gorgeous tribute to your sweet husband and beautiful photos to match.

    thanks for sharing.

  7. looks like a man on a mission in that one pic with the bags walking towards the camera. like in slo-mo, in a movie, radiating coolness. all the heros do that in movies.