livin' (the good) life

this is what our lives have been made of this week:

lunch date (first ever!) for my reedo and i.

pumpkin patch date (just me and ella).


a mouse turns to rupunzel at the last minute.

pumpkin carving.

trick or treating.

i am of the belief that in order to enjoy halloween at all, i do not became crazy photo mom.
trying so desperately to get pictures that will undoubtedly be really really bad.
instead i am deliberate about taking photos RIGHT when the costumes are complete.
preferably a few days before in some nice light.
this year it was with my trusty iphone and i love the few shots i got of my ninjas!
and then i of course snapped one or two of the action (red eye and all) the night of.
in my opinion that is perfect!

dancing on daddy's feet.

(the good life, indeed)



  1. your posts always make me smile!

  2. I want to have a day with you, too!!!!
    Beautiful pictures as always.

  3. fun week :) halloween is carazay...and not my favorite either...

  4. LOVE these photos and the moments you've captured.
    (what's the iphone camera app used??)
    Your children are super adorable X

  5. It all looks wonderful. Hope he "picked a winner"

  6. We know all about the last minute costume switch out. First plans to be Pippi Longstocking (for months), then lots of tears of regret (she didn't want to have to tell everyone who she was all night), and a final swap to Rapunzel. Gotta love girls!