i'm trying...

i'm trying to be better at keeping my closet organized.
 a place where i can see what i have to wear.
it's hard.
i don't like doing it.
but when i do, i realize i have a lot more options than i think.
that makes me be less of a random unnecessary clothes buyer.

look at this rainbow.

then i pull out something i haven't seen in a while and it's way better than i remembered....

(all i need is some accessories)

well, here are some!

i feel like a princess!
getting to choose from all this stuff that i already had.
how lovely!



  1. I so need to organise my wardrobe!! Loving your accessories too. xoxo

  2. i made a big frame holder thingy to hang all my earrings from and it looks oh so nice and organized....too bad it is still on my dresser and not hanging on the wall like it should be. it's on my to-do list ; ) love your organized closet with the wood hangers, woot-wooot! you would die if you saw mine--and i mean die of embarrassment and shame for me.

  3. i wish my wardrobe was a rainbow! my "rainbow" is more line 10 shades of gray.

  4. I just purged about 95% of my clothes. I can definitely see everything now, but there's not much left from which to choose ;) Either way, it feels GREAT.