for my girl

i know i post a ton of pictures of ella.
she is with me a lot.
asking me questions and showing me things and telling me things.
mostly talking all day long.
laugh, if you must, all you mothers of girls who are familiar with the non-stop chatter.
that's a lot of words!
i am grateful for having my babygirl with me 
and that i am the one who gets to be her mother and raise her.
but....i also have a headache.....everyday.
there i said it.

to show my devotion i made her this little banner.
i got the idea here, 
(you all saw that amazing home tour right?)
and then did my own little spin, cutting white paper into rectangles and printing out instagram square photos so each flag looks like an oversized polaroid.
then wrote my words on the bottom and used my tiny heart punch to bring it home.
sew it all together with white thread and bam!

(that's a shauna reed tutorial for you! you didn't even know you were reading one, didja?)



  1. Adorable! Just found my weekend project! HA!! Did you just print the photos off on card stock? I have so many Instagram photos it's ridiculous! How to choose??? : )

  2. I've loved Annalea's banner! Every time I read that phrase in the Storybook Bible I tear up. It's only right to have it where we can see it everyday. I'm totally stealing your version of it. In fact, I'm going to pin it right now! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Annalea's entire home is one of my faves. And this banner is just fantastic Mrs.Reed. Does she love love love it?:)

  4. I've got to do something with that quote- love the banner!

  5. i LOVE IT!!! so so precious. i'm getting ready to order some prints...is that big family pic a canvas wrap?? foam board stuff? just wondering...

  6. How old is Ella again? Talia is nearly 4. Let's get them together and they can talk. to. each. other! Then we'll go off and eat at food trucks. Deal? :)

    Love the banner.
    I am inspired.

  7. so sweet, shauna. and i am kinda laughing too. i feel the same way like i am always posting pics of charlotte but we are together all day, every day, so yeah, you don't want a bunch of pictures of ME, so you get char. my boy is the bigger talker....always.making.noise. alwayyyyys. LOVES the sound of his own voice more than anything.

  8. precious, so precious :) I wonder if this would help me...my 4 year old BOY has been talking like CRAZY...wants me to tell him all about everything. thanks for the reminder to LOVE

  9. love it. and i love seeing pics of ella, too. she is a cutie for sure! :)

  10. Ella's dress is so so adorable!! And her pose is just as sweet! I can hardly ever get Astair to pose for me, she is always on the move. That banner! LOVE it! It looks perfect beneath the adorable pic of your fam. You've inspired me to finally print all these instagrams I have!

  11. Oh and I really love all the pics you take, Shauna, it would be fun to follow you on instagram, what's your username?

  12. o how I love this.
    Each and every part.
    Love from,

  13. LOVE it!! Where r you printing out ur instagram pics? I just uploaded some to Costco & they said they were low in resolution :( So I'm not sure how they'll turn out.

  14. no words.
    i an so in love with this project and your "tute"
    that i have no words for it. i think you are brilliant!

  15. This is so sweet. I love it. Did you sew it on a machine? If so, how did you manage that? I just stumbled on your blog. It's lovely.