best of the reed life 2010

four hundred posts.
one year.
is that all?
it seems like more.
the reeds can sure cram a lota life into 12 months!

thank you for being my friends and watching me grow
listening to me when i am freaking out
and when i need to vent
and when i am brilliant
and when Jesus speaks right to my heart and i just HAVE to share it with someone!

i have a gift.
i am sad that it is just one.
i wish i had 500.
but then there couldn't be a WINNER.
and i know you want to be a winner, don't you?
i decided to make you a banner...again.
this time it is a banner straight from the mouth of God!

"He has taken me to His banquet hall, 
And His banner over me is LOVE.
Strengthen me with raisins,
refresh me with apples, 
for I am faint with LOVE."

Isn't that really what my little blog is all about?
snacks? raisins and apples....check.
and every good thing that comes out of my life is Him...my beloved.
allowing even me to participate in His main purpose.
do i always choose Him?
But He takes me to his banqueting table anyway.
So my one year anniversary banner is a banner of LOVE for YOU.
it is made to remind you that HIS banner is over you and you are His.
plus it is Valentines day!
so it is made of pink and red and aqua vintage fabrics.
the fabrics and word are very special to me and i hope they will be to one of you too!

so to "win" my gift, please tell me your favorite post or thing about
 the reed life
(maybe i can learn a little something today too!)
under "what do you think?"
and for another chance to win,
become a follower and tell me about it under  "what do you think" too.
i will choose a winner on Friday!
so hurry! hurry!
and will get it to the winner as close to Valentine's day as possible!

for now, enjoy some of my favorite "reed life" moments.....


  1. Congratulations! So glad I found your blog... and I'm going to be cheeky and have to say that this post is one of my alltime favourites... the photos are amazing - absolutely stunning (and having them all in one post makes it even cooler).

    Here's to many more wonderful years ahead. xoxo

  2. dont enter me (I am all the way over in Australia!), i just wanted to say that i love your blog. the moment i hear the music ...
    but my favourite thing would be your honesty. i like that you are keeping it reed, i mean, real. xx

  3. I love the post right before you went on your girls weekend and the whole morning was going crappy. It is nice to see that everyone's life is the same at some point or another. We are all in this crazy boat together!

  4. i agree with adrienne but this post honestly tops em all!! the photography is AMAZING
    LOOOOOVE it all! y'all have THE coolest fam:]

  5. hmmm...what do i like best?? your photos of kids & home - and writing so truthfully about life being a Mama (i have four boys)....not painting a "perfect" picture all the time & just reminding all of us to enjoy the lovin'...you remind me to take photos of the tantrums too! so sweet.

  6. I love the times you have written about God knowing your language. I've been trying to write my own post about that, but am still trying to listen intently and really understand what my language is. Where and when do I hear and feel God the most?
    It, like so many of your posts, has been so encouraging and inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  7. ok Shauna I can't pick a favorite I love them all. BUT my favorite thing about your blog is your openness in sharing your struggles & faith in Christ....and of course your beautiful beautiful pictures! I still can't believe you only use picnik to edit them! I sooooo want that banner. I love that verse!

  8. oh, Shauna. You HAVE TO have the first year of your blog printed into a book, you must! These pictures are priceless.
    My favorite thing about your blog...
    I love your honesty and open-ness, your ability to "keep it real" and share your screw-ups as well as triumphs with us. Your questions, and growing and figuring things out...I love it all. Oh and it doesn't hurt that you are adorable, so are the kids and that Mr. Reed of yours is kinda foxy.
    So glad I came across your blog and can count you as a friend Shauna! XO

  9. I lovelove your photos, and I love your honesty. While you make your life look so utterly beautiful, you don't hide the struggles as well. That gives God opportunity to shine forth from it in such an incredible way. Thanks for being a light and pointing to Him.

  10. Tough decision, because I love this blog- how real and messy and beautiful it is- like life! And your style and home and photography- awesome! But I had to laugh when I saw people's comments, because I have to agree- my fav post in the couple months I've been reading was the rotten morning when you were trying to go to the gym. Being a mom and a wife who loves like Jesus is messy sometimes- hurrah for grace... and vacations! :)

  11. My absolute fave thing about your blog is that you fervently love...everything....jesus, your hubs, your babes, your life. Even in the yucky days it is obvious that your desire is to look for good, grab it and run with it. I love that the style of your writing is very much a conversation with your readers. No fluff, just you. And it's perfect. I love how it 'feels' really 'feels' genuine. I love how you mix up your layout and the way you style your blog, it appears to be a very reflection of YOU! And because I barely comment and probably freaked you out, by professing my stalker love for you...Hi I'm Jenni, nice to meet you. <3

  12. oh, pssst I'm a follower too. guess I covered that in "...my stalker love for you.." XO

  13. I love how you always make me feel like the things I go through as a mom are normal...like we're all in this thing together! I also love the way you talk about your relationship with God. It's really encouraging to me. I have no idea how I found your blog but I'm glad I did!

  14. I love that I am the proud aunt who gets to download (steal) the best pictures imaginable of her nephews and niece and her sister and save them to my desk top every week! Although we are far apart and the distnace is so painful sometimes, I can be let in through a cheerful window of one of the most precious homes to my heart. The Reed home. And although sometimes I feel jealous that this piece of my heart is shared with so many others...I realize that all good gifts are meant to be shared. Especially the love that Jesus has instilled in you that He has created you to share with others! I love you to tears Shauna-na. I think I love this blog most because I know how proud our mom would be of the pure heart that you share with each post. She would have beamed with pride in the way that you have found beauty in the little things this life has to offer; like colors in a cake, the beauty of children, the fun of putting loving care into your home, music, and in seeing the love that Jesus has placed all around us. xoxo
    Your admiring sis,
    PS: If I dont win that banner...I want to buy one! :)

  15. Oh Shauna! I've just discovered your blog. It is a masterpiece for so many reasons. Thank you for putting your gift down for all the see. I'm inspired, challenged, in awe! I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! AMAZING for so so so many reasons!

  16. My favorite thing about your blog is your amazing photography! I recently found your blog and now I visit it at least once a day.

  17. hi shauna. i think your photography is beautiful, and it draws me here time and time again. but my favorite thing about your blog is that you post pictures of YOU. it's a great reminder for me to get out from behind the camera and play. :)

  18. You wrote a post about your mother and how you wished she could see your wee ones and it ended with a single line about what you were really longing for was heaven and it struck some crazy deep down chord in me. It was a truly lovely line that made me cry, but not because I was sad, but more because it was such a beautiful sentiment.

    So, that's my favorite post. =)

    Oh, and I am a private follower and your house totally rocks my socks.

  19. i can SEE from across the country the strong deep LOVE for your children through your lens and in your words. it is beautiful and obvious and blessed.
    shauna...you are the real deal.
    you love like only a mother can.

  20. Wow!! Jesus light shines through you in such a way that has touched the hearts of so many. You are special and I just love following "The Reed Life". You inspire me with your creativity! Love is written everywhere!!

  21. Shauna...i love how you capture real life with your sweet family and how you capture the love...that is God in your life. xo

  22. I have really enjoyed your blog. I would say my favorite part is your pictures. They are an inspiration. Your family pictures are so unique. Thanks for having your great blog. :D

  23. I like when there are pictures of my hot wife!! And Reedo ;)

    And please make it able to comment without a host site on your blog.

  24. I am a new follower (Hi, nice to meet you...) from Meg's post a few weeks ago. And honestly, haven't had time to back stalk enough to chose a fave. Although I think I would have a difficult time. Your blog is magic. Your words, the pictures. Truly, art. So glad I found you and look forward to reading more. Hope you have a great day! xxoo P.S. Also, officially a follower now :)

  25. To tell you the truth...I love your passion for life....its like you put your heart in everything you do and feel....whether its your family, home, love for God or your photography...I really feel that come through when I read your blog...thank you for that everyday!!!

  26. Haven't read your blog for long but WOW! You have a gift for photography and editing. I love the posts including your kids and home, but my favorite is the trip to see your sister. Those coffee shop photos are great. And you are both beautiful! And it's nice to see another follower of Jesus.

  27. amazing pictures. you are stunning. and ps: i am so bashful that you said i look like your pretty sister. you both are so gorgeous, i will be your sister any day!