'round here

we have a new friend.
i had to get a whole cabinet organized before she came.
see her down there?
isn't she so pretty and BIG!
(please don't say that about me....)
she is a little stressful to me right now....being new and all, but i will get to know her better soon enough.

remember when i washed and dried a whole load of laundry with a black crayon?
last easter?
you probably don't.
if you care for a refresher click here.
(side note: i just re-read that post and the link to the "stuff christians like" post.  um, you HAVE to read that linked up post. i cannot read it without crying. it speaks to my soul EVERY TIME.)
well my SPECIAL vintage tablecloth from my sweet little sister was one of the casualties.
and look what it has turned into!
beauty for ashes, i tell you....
those little cafe curtains make me....
happy to do dishes (no idea why i would ever write that...dumb)
happy to be alive in my kitchen (better).

and if you look up....
valentine's day threw up all over this area!

these hearts were inspired by Shannon's post.

this doily garland was sorta my idea,
but when i was making it i kept thinking about Amy and how she MUST be making this too.
it just SEEMS like her style.

i love this tin i found at cost plus world market!
especially the "take your place" part.
i am always looking for my place.

i went to smart and final today.
just thought i'd share.
and don't judge the peter pan peanut butter.
the baby loves peter, ok?
she calls it "peter butter"
she holds it and stares at it in the store, while SITTING in the basket.
need i say more?

we have been going through a flat of cuties a week!
do your kids love um as much as mine do?
they are so easy to peel.
even ella can do it.
ANYTHING these people can do without my assistance is miraculous to me.
also, bowser loves um too.
isn't he darling?

look what came last night!!!!!
my bake it pretty order came!
why am i so happy about these!?
they just give me a swing in my step!
how much MORE likely will it be that i leave diet coke in the dust,
if i have an iced tea with these straws to take that poison's place?

by the way,
i explained to the children that those straws are MINE.
and if i am ever gracious enough to share it will be a VERY special occasion, indeed.
i think they got the picture.

i also ordered these from the same place as the straws.
and this bakers twine.
and these birdy clips were from cost plus world market too!

thank you so much for all your comments yesterday!
it's so amazing and strange and even sorta embarrassing how this blog has evolved.
i started out, with no confidence or understanding of blogging.
i thought i could just share pictures that i took with my new camera.
but wow!
God has taught me so much about myself through this little adventure.
He has given me words to share even though i am not a writer.
and He has encouraged me through your feedback and comments.
i am so surprised.
what a gift.


  1. What!!! I need those bird clips, so, so cute! Our closest World Market closed : ( boo. I love Bake It Pretty and have a few things I'm wanting to order right now... and I would totally hog those straws for myself, too! Back. Off. Kids. And i do have doily heart garlands all over and we just made those wax crayon hearts on Monday! : ) Man, I forgot how much work those were.

  2. lots of beauty in this post, friend. love it all. LOVE the new sign too! and i know that if i came over for iced tea, you'd share a straw with me. thanks for that.

  3. okay so i adore your blog, your pics, everything....i want to be friends! wish i could move to whatever beach you live near!!!!!!

  4. I love getting a peek into your house I always LOVE how you put everything together! I love it all especially your cafe curtains, your new MAC (jealous), and those birdie clips! Also if those straws are all I need to stop my coke zero poison maybe I should order them too? :)

  5. love everything about this post. and you. can i say that?

  6. I'm laughing right now, because had I not had like 200 posts backed up in my google reader, I would have read this before being in your kitchen today and asking about your pretty curtains, gasping at your BIG computer awesomeness, and sipping yummy tea from a pretty stripey straw (sorry it was wasted on me - tried to handle the whole paper deal gracefully).

  7. YAY for new macs, paper hearts and cute straws! i just got one, too!