i have a little princess.

 today her name is snow white.
 she told me i could be the naughty queen or the beast.
tough choice.
i pick the beast.
 my little princess. 
some people where their heart on their sleeve.
mine is 3 years old and holds my hand in the parking lot, half the time,
 and rides the other half on my hip.
she bosses me around all day long,
 and then comes snuggling onto my pillow at 3am.
my snow white.
this is it for me.
how could i ask for anything more?


  1. So very cute. I loved those dress up days:)

    sandy toe

  2. seriously??? You two are the cutest EvEr!!!!

  3. I love all of her expressions! How fun to have a girl to dress up like a princess! I need to borrow one ;)

  4. I have a princess too, and today her name is Ariel : ) I think this age with their imaginations and dress-up and just all of it...is the best! You have a lovely little Princess there, Shauna!

  5. lol love it, she looks fab! My little one wants to be a butterfly when she grows up, you have got to love em :-)