a preview and a winner!

thank you all for your amazing encouragement.
i am so blessed by your kindness.
thank you for reading the reed life.
the winner of my "love banner" is....
Cherish of Kiwi Freckles (you should check out her awesome blog!)
i hope you love it as much as i do, Cherish!
thank you for being you. ( i will email you)

and just to keep you on your toes....
here is a photo of ella grace as a preview to my coming tutorial on cake and cotton!
do you want to know what it is????
ella is hiding it in her hands.....
can you see it?
can you tell it involves book pages? (of course)
oooooooooo! such a mystery!
keep your eyes out!
cause a happy little project is coming soon.....


  1. oh so adorable this young girl is!♥

  2. Hehe! Such a cute pic as usual. She is such a sweetie :)

  3. I am so excited Shauna!! I love it probably even more than you do! ;) Thanks soooo sooooo much!!!