i needed that.

i am back.
i had my fun.
i clocked out and met up with my pals.
we shopped.
we ate.
we crafted.
we primped.
we ate more....and more.
we slept.
and slept.
we walked.
and shopped.
and ate.
and now it's over.
i could use a good week more.
i know, i know, i am gluttonous.
just wishing.
i will have these happy memories to live on 'til next year.....

those are the photos i took.

here are some photos the other ladies took.... that i love...
see? i was really there!

how many more days til our next trip?

ps. thank you so much for the encouragement and support after my previous post.
you were all right....the stress was worth the happiness.


  1. your hippy headband rocks. so do your photos. love 'em because they are so you.

  2. i agree with Leslie! You totally rock that headband! Looks like you guys had a great time! I could use a weekend away too! So fun!! :)

  3. oh man those pics are so awesome!!! Girlfriends are the best!!! You are so blessed!!! Have a gReAt week....
    hahahaha...that rhymed....and I just realized this is the soundtrack to legends of the fall....am i crazy....i just knew it....lols....gosh brad is hot in that movie!!!

  4. very fun and sweet pictures !!! you are blessed to have so many friends to enjoy your "me" time with !

  5. you have such a good eye!
    i love the feeling i have when i am away with my girlfriends.
    it's EMPOWERING!
    i feel loved.
    i feel understood.
    i feel validated.
    it's all so good.
    i am so happy you made time to go!

  6. such great photos! i think i might need to know a little more (please?) about the jeans your friend on the right is wearing in the shot where you are all sitting on the red bench. is that weird???

    ps found you via Meg :)

  7. awesome photos. can't wait to hear more about it, though i'm super jealous already! :)

  8. Fun, fun, fun! I have a great group of girls I've known since I was 11. We all live close, our kids are friends, we see each other often but I have a feeling we could use a trip like that! I'm so glad you got to go!

  9. oh, Shauna. This makes me want to get away with my BFF's so bad. Looks like such a fun weekend...i love all of your pictures and want to break into that little shop with all of the cameras! : ) LOVE the photo of you guys all holding your cupcakes, that should be framed! glad you got the time away you needed!

  10. Shauna! I love your blog and this post was so gorgeous with all your photos!
    I'm curious where you guys went. Looks like so much fun and like it had so much cute character. What city was it?

  11. I am so proud of you for shooting lots of new and challenging stuff (grownups! adventure!) with your new lens. Way to be!
    I've been giving myself extra credit everytime I try to shoot something new - not matter how it turns out.
    Here's to being brave.