tomorrow is my one year anniversary of blogging!
i am not an anniversary keeper tracker.
but i was just scrolling through some old posts and i realized! January 25th!
my first post!
the below family photo was my very first ever picture i shared....it was taken by my little angel Gracie Girl.
(side note: i miss her really so so bad)
so i thought i'd just share that first picture and then tomorrow i will post some of my favorite photos from the reed life 2010.
that's what ya do right?
on an anniversary (cannot bring myself to call it a blog-versary....that is NOT a word...then again neither is "keeper tracker")

readers, thank you for being in my life.
you bless me.
especially the commenters.
last year i never would have thought i could have dear friends online!
but i have learned differently this year, in more ways than one.


  1. really? only 1 year since you started blogging? i didn't know that. i'm still a bit of a newer reader to your blog (probably started 3 months ago or so) and i'm shocked b/c you're a blogerific professionalle! ha ha! well, congrats on 1 year! looking forward to reading many more honest, heartfelt and real posts from you. xo

  2. Happy anniversary! I am so glad I found you :) can't wait to see what pictures you pick because you have soo soo many good ones! Your kids have gotten so much bigger in a year! Time flies!

  3. Happy Anniversary for tomorrow (although it's the 25th here now in NZ). Love your blog, your photos and your inspiring words. xoxo

  4. i'm so glad i found your blog because it's one of the blogs that inspired me to recently start my own blog. really like your style and your music is magic. have gotten so much inspiration from you blog!

  5. Happy anniversary! Love your blog daily (even though I'm a 'sometimes' commenter..)

    and look forward to many many more from you.

    I'm having a linky party - link up your kitchen to my blog - would be fun to see a reed-kitchen - even if it is a past post!


  6. yay! happy one year to you, Shauna! so glad I found you...you always put a smile on my face!

  7. i'm a relatively new follower of your awesome blog. thanks for sharing bits and pieces of yourself. happy one year anniversary to you!

  8. I have been blogging for 6 months.
    I look at your first photo, at the pictures you posted last week. Oh buddy, if I learn half of what you have learned this year about photography - I will be sated.
    3 cheers to learning!!!!

  9. One year of pure amazingness from you! Loved reading your blog and love you! xoxo