new years weekend in pictures....

rain has made our backyard a water hole
putting away the christmas decorations

every year i wish for my tree to have a few days of only lights....this year i got my wish...
putting away the ornaments that my mom collected and saved for me....3X5 card and all...thanks mom
a little "non-napping" helper?
she hides carrot sticks in the advent?
that'd be a pleasure to find on November 30th next year...

this "santa are you for real" belonged to me and my sister when we were growing up.
it is an extended version and is SO great!
i went to see if i could find this extended version online and they are out of print, i guess.
used copies(like mine) were going for OVER $100!
hold onto the baby, ella bear! it's valuable!
remote control cars
polka dot socks

our "new years house" from uncle shane and aunt jen

tooth wiggling...yep the OTHER front one is loose!
ty even tried to give it a tug...

ringing in the new year at 6pm
we were all sick this year and reedo and i didn't want to stay up until midnight, let alone allow the rowdies to join us!
i was expecting protesting...but i got happy hearts!
we did our toasts and poppers...just a little early!

happy happy new year!
and the finishing touch....that tooth came out.


  1. wow so many great glimpses. nate got an R/C car too. lets take 'em driving!

  2. happy new year sweet bloggy friend!
    can't wait to watch this new year unfold.

  3. love this Shauna! Your NYE looked a lot like ours, half-way around the country : ) I went to bed at 11:40...who does that? I was tired and lazy and over it. Oh and hooray for the tooth coming out...we are working on one over here today too, I am hoping it comes out before school starts back up next week. Happy MOnday to you!

  4. The photo of Jake popping his popper is priceless!

  5. Happy New Year! Looks like a lovely EARLY evening.. Just the way I like it. Our backyard is a big lake too. We sure have gotten a ton of rain this year!

  6. Happy New Year! Your photography always takes my breath away - such a precious family.

  7. What fun! That polka dot sock pic? Total framer.

  8. You always have such beautiful pictures! I especially love the polka dot socks! Happy New Year!

  9. so many great pictures! looks like you had a wonderful time.

  10. Love the photos, what a wonderful weekend together...
    Also loving the polka dot socks... any chance you'd share where you found those beauties?

  11. haha! I love all these pictures! I love you sis