i should be at the gym.

my morning is going badly.
first of all, i should tell you that i worked my tail off to get our house ready for daddy/kid weekend.
every piece of laundry done.
oral reading prepared with Jake.
the house relatively clean ( i have a husband who cares about that)
food in the fridge and ready to make.
lunches and snacks packed.
THEN i got to pack.
but when i woke up this morning i was greeted with a surprise 911 folder in Jake's backpack.
filled with 5 (got that, five) sheets of work that needed to be turned in.
plus, he had won a munchie party which meant i had got to provide 12 individually wrapped snacks for the kids at Jake's table...yesssss.
i rushed around,
throwing yogurt cartons at people and cutting up kiwi.
SLOWLY dictating a painful final draft of new years resolutions.
ignoring (or trying to) whiny voices.
i THOUGHT i had planned everything out so that i could go to the gym after drop off.
then reedo came into the picture with new ideas for how we should swap cars and car seats...
then he needed my hair dryer that i had already packed.
then we were kinda mean to each other.
then i was yelling at tiny people.
then i through up my hands and said, "maybe i just won't go to the gym...."
then reedo rolled his eyes at me (i think)
then i took the boys to school.
then i tried to rush back and make up with my reedo, but he was already driving away so we had a short exchange with our windows rolled down about how he is trying to help me by watching the kids this weekend. tight smiles and goodbye.....
then i tried to go to the gym anyway and realized that my gym pass was on MY keys(and reedo and i have switched cars).
then i realized i didn't have the 4 bucks that the childcare room costs, for ella....
then she cried since she loves the playroom at the gym.
then we drove home and i turned on shrek (she calls it "check")
and i stalked up to the shower.
fun, huh?
i know i should be so glad that i am going on a trip...but right now i just feel mad and sad and tired and regretful and frustrated.
it's like i need a do over but i don't even know if that would help cause i would still be me.
i'd still suck at juggling.
my brain can only handle so many things in it and i got completely overloaded.
it SEEMS like some people's brains hold more than mine.
that makes me feel dumb.
and mad.
just thought you should know.....
i should be at the gym.


  1. Oh man! I am sorry Shauna. I hate rough mornings! I can totally relate. Sending happy thoughts your way! Your trip will be just what you need!

  2. ugh. i can't juggle either. i totally know how you feel. you're not dumb, that's for sure. it is really hard to manage a household and a child [let alone more than one]. juggling an infinite number of real and imagined and pressing and possible all at once. most days = impossible. at least you're about to leave on a wonderful and relaxing trip and you get to forget about all of it :)

  3. Yuck. Sounds a lot like my day yesterday. And Wednesday. Today is off to a better start...I think.
    Have a blessed weekend! I pray you come home REFRESHED and RECHARGED!

  4. it will be worth it.
    i can totally relate. my husband decided 2 days ago that we were all going away as a family (of 6) to a cabin for the weekend. to "reconnect". sounds fun, huh?? yes, until i get to do all the planning, packing, buying groceries, etc to get ready for it! amidst the normal week of practices and homework and whiny 2 yr olds!

    i bit my husbands head off the minute he walked in the door last night and have been totally short with my kids for 2 days because my brain is on overload.

    anyways...i don't juggle well either.
    but i'm PRAYING it's all worth it!

  5. So sorry that it's been a hard beginning to what will no doubt be a wonderful weekend for you. Remember that His mercies are new every morning (the ultimate do-overs/restarts!) and that your family will miss you and love to have you back.
    Then enjoy your weekend and focus on what's happening in the moment!

  6. you are beautiful and honest. by His grace, you do get a do-over, each and every minute. pray, breathe, cry, smile and move on. thanks for sharing your family. have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Oh man - my brain turns to fudeg too when there is too much going on... you are not alone!

  8. Just so you know...
    it's okay to feel all of those things you're feeling!
    You're human.
    Not Superwoman - even though as times as mom's and wives we try to be.
    It's hard to be everything for everyone, and it's okay, when you can't be!
    Leave the stress and the mess behind for Reedo to deal with, maybe he'll appreciate all you do more if you do!
    Enjoy your girls weekend, and know that taking time for YOU will help clear out your mind for when you get home!
    ... and if all else fails, take a nap!
    It always works for me! :)
    Hope your day looks brighter!

  9. You are so totally human! Although I don't have children, I am a big planner as well and nothing ever goes as planned. It's nice to hear about it from other people! -Alyssa

  10. girl, me too. usually i don't plan well enough for the morning and i end up snapping at the kids because we are running late for school...when...hi, i need snapped at, not them : ) we all do it. i know i do, way too often. i hope you have a wonderful weekend away though! XO

  11. Sorry for the yucky start...hope your weekend is refreshing!

  12. :( oh friend! mornings like that are the worst. but tomorrow's a new day AND a girls weekend at that. and best of all His mercies are new every morning.

  13. no, no, no!!! not dumb. please don't say that. this is me. every day. only i never go to the gym, because i don't have one. it is good to be reminded that i am not the only one who is more of a linear thinker than a multi-tasker. i HATE juggling and whiney voices in my ear make me edgy and cross and i yell at tiny people too sometimes. and sometimes getting away IS more work than not getting away, but sometimes necessary. hope your work pays off. forgive yourself and enjoy it.

  14. wow, accidentally just hit the "what are you crazy button" instead of the comments...
    i'm the crazy one here...tehe.
    sorry about that one sister.

    so glad you had fun on your trip!