if i could choose someone to be my big brother,
it'd be jake.
not that he's perfect or anything.
he looses his patience as much as any of us.
but most of the time he is....
just such a great  big brother.

and ty.
he is so enthusiastically fun.
he's always ready to go along with jake's leadership.
he doen't need the credit.
he just wants to participate and have FUN!
i wish i could be more like him.

they are brothers.
it is so beautiful.
i'm sure there will be more to come.
more beauty 
and (as with most beauty) pain and disappointment too.
but right now, in this moment, their brotherhood is such a gift.
i am grateful.
i hope someday they will be able to see the gift and be truly grateful too.



  1. very sweet!
    reminds me of my two oldest daughters.
    something real special about brotherhood... and sisterhood.
    and that same sex connection.
    yeah, they do have their fair share of fighting...
    but when they run first to their "best friend" sister, it's worth the pain.
    so sweet to see that with your boys too!
    love it!

  2. This pictures are amazing! I want to go photograph my boys RIGHT NOW! HA! My oldest two are only 13 months apart...I love close in age brothers...they are like friends for life! It's a special thing!

  3. my boys are the best of friends.
    i know they will be for their lifetime!
    so sweet.

  4. oh goodness, these boys are the sweetest brothers EVER! I love that you captured that love in photos. so beautiful.

  5. I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried! but that top row, 1st one and 3rd one and the one in the very center! and the bottom left corner (oh sheesh all of them actually) they just "get me" right in my heart, love them....great job shauna capturing their beautiful brotherhood. I have 5 big brothers and I so wished I had some adorable photos of them like this together! precious, so truly precious.

  6. OK these photos are the BEST. They are getting me all teary-eyed. I miss my sister! I think she needs to quit college and come home to take cute photos like this with me.

  7. Awesome, awesome pictures!
    Every. Single. One.

  8. Yes! I am so glad my boys have eachother.
    Brothers are such a special gift.
    As always, your pictures are so wonderufl.
    Love from,

  9. this, along with many other things, makes me want this babe to be a boy! find out in a week!

  10. love, love, love, shauna. brotherhood and sisterhood is the greatest gift ever if you ask me. it looks like you really captured their bond here.