the reed home made {lovely}

this is my laundry.
bummer or blessing?
i am gonna choose to look at it with a grateful heart today.
we have more than enough clothing (clearly).
i have a washing machine that works.
that might not always be the case.
so today i choose to say,
"thank you Lord, for my laundry!"

and to see the rest of my house,
come on by heather's today!
our home is featured on her home made lovely series!
what a privilege, huh!?
join me and my never ending dishes over at 
and see....



  1. Gorgeous picture of you in kitchen. We just did a session in our kitchen which is not quite as lovely as yours!

  2. I loved the tour, friend! I want to bring my 3 sweet kiddos and hang out with you and yours. (You know, when no one is sick...I'm kind of paranoid about sickness.) :)

  3. awesome! that picture of you is beauuutiful! :D
    have a lovely day, shauna!

  4. just checked out your home tour and i must comment a few things:
    a. i loved it
    b. we just moved 'cross country and are renting a townhouse until we figure out what area of the city we want to buy and you have made my INSANELY wishing we were in a house of our own right now...just want to PAINT something you know??
    c. i love your table in the kitchen and i need one badly...would you mind sharing where you got it?
    d. i loved it.

    ok, bye :)

  5. can me & my fam move in?!


    love it!
    keepin' it real, girl. great job.

  6. Shauna your house look so comfy!

    This is completely unrelated to your post, and may sound kind of strange, but I also live in South OC and have seen you out and about several times recently. I've been too chicken to come up to you and say "Hi" and that I love you blog and think you have a beautiful family, so I'm doing it here.


  7. Love your home and your photos are so great! What a beautiful blog you have, and a beautiful home and family too! :)

  8. can't wait.
    someday i am gonna sit there in your house and drink coffee and talk.
    it's gonna happen.

  9. Shauna, your home is beautifully you.
    While I was looking at it, I just pretty much decided I want to BE you.
    Yep, I do.