my wedding day

i was pulling out my wedding video a few night ago, when i wanted to show some friends a picture that was in our wedding montage.
(do people still do that? you know make a video of a bunch of photos of the bride and groom to show at the wedding?)
and i stumbled upon this little super short summary video with a recording of my family (me, my sisters, my mom and my dad) singing behind it.
i am really grateful for this.
of course i can't watch it with out crying.
i miss my mom so much.
it overwhelms me to watch her alive body.
it hurts in a beautiful way to see what my life used to be like.
i love what my life is now.
but this is beautiful too.
and my groom was and is so incredibly sweet.
and be so grateful for this memory with me.

ps. my computer wouldn't even read the dvd that this video was on.
so i used my iphone to video our big tv while it played.
that is why you can see my reflection at one point.
and also why you can hear a little sniffling....


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I'm crying too... What a blessing to have this priceless memory.

  2. Oh, Shauna. That is priceless. Thank you so much for sharing that!

  3. so so sweet, shauna. i loved that. you must miss your mama like mad crazy. i'm so sorry. but rest assured you will be with her again someday. xo, alicia

  4. oh wow, shauna. first--what a blessing for you to have this video and to be able to see your mom like that...wow. and second--you look so much like your mom, it is crazy, you guys have that same beautiful smile. definitely something to be grateful for.

  5. That was so beautiful!! I loved watching that :)

  6. you made me weepy. i know your mom is so proud of you.

  7. i have the snotty cry going on over here shauna.
    what an AWESOME video to have.
    so special.
    love your heart.

  8. That video is such a special memory! Your mom was amazing and it is so awesome to be able to see your family singing together once again. What an amazing choir it will be in heaven!

  9. I too have the ever do attractive snooty cry going on, what a precious memory to have and to cherish, and the singing oh how beautiful to hear you all singing together, you have such a beautiful heart so so lovely

  10. So very wonderfully sweet and dear and perfect.
    I love you more with each post.
    Don't think I am a weirdo for saying that.
    Love from,

  11. Shauna...i dont know where to start. I lay here at 130 am watching this bawking my eyes out. This video is beautiful in so many ways. Your mom is amazingly lovely and it is obvious you get this from her. Part of me cries just because i am sentimental and emtional the other part of me cries because I have my mom yet we have no relationship. I am so envious of what you had/have with your mom. What a sweet blessing.....one that i may never know. Thankyou or sharing. We have no video and very few pics from our special day. You video is just amazing.

  12. Wow! What a gift! Your mom was beautiful! And you look so much like her!
    (Not to mention the singing was incredible!)
    Thanks for sharing this!

  13. I don't really "know" you, I am just a blog-follower, and I've never, of course, known your mom, but this short video made me cry like I do know you both. What a gift this is. What a great reminder to really love and appreciate those people in our lives. Sending you goodness and love.

  14. I just love your blog! It has helped me so much! I lost my mom 10 months ago to cancer. I have not been able to watch any video with her in it yet. But it gives me great peace knowing that one day I will be able to.Thank you for sharing, oh and seriously what a beautiful voice you have!!!

  15. you are beautiful just like your momma. what an amazing gift this video must be.


  16. you and your mom look identical, what beautiful women! this made me cry, in happy and sad tears for you, but what a gift to have this treasure!

  17. GORGEOUS. Seriously, your family sang like that?! Forget the Von Trapp's, you all have amazing blend and harmony! Thanks for sharing this. And did anyone tell you your little girl looks a lot like your mom? :)

  18. Crying here!! What a beautiful video - so precious and you look so much like your mum! So grateful for eternity - what an amazing reunion you two will have. xoxo

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  20. That is so so so sweet! The singing is lovely and you look gorgeous!!

  21. most beautiful thing i have ever seen.. oh shauna. this is precious