i really really love rain.

it's my favorite weather.
i love the drama of the sky.
i love that it is different than normal, but also that is it isn't so cold that my snot freezes in my nose or anything crazy like that.
i love it.
i'm grateful for it.

thanks Lord.
good job with thinking up rain.
you are a creative daddy and i love you.
and i feel lucky when i get to like the same stuff you do and be like you and understand that i am your girl.
i guess that's how most daughters feel about their dad, if he's a good one.
i've got the best.


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  1. I like how you talk to him-real & down to Earth. I know that many people who've not had a good earthly father can struggle with trusting/believing in their Heavenly Father. But He is pretty awesome, isnt He?:)
    I just posted the same line about Him being creative. His handiwork is all around us. We just dont always see it.