a gratitude app! are you kidding me!?

wow wow wow!
i am having some busy days.
but i have to make sure you've seen this!
this is so super great to me.
an app that reminds you to take photos of things you can be grateful for.

one thousand gifts app

i will be back around soon.
with reports of happy days with my sis, a thanksgiving dinner at my house with a viewing of white christmas to follow, and a new surprise AMAZING family photo shoot!
i can't wait to tell you!


  1. I just downloaded the same app today and then saw your post. It is great!

  2. seriously, that's exactly what i thought when i read Ann's post about it. genius! downloaded it immediately :)

    i hafta say, i'm curious about this "white christmas" business? can't wait to see what you mean!

  3. way cool..i am going to check it out now!
    i'm new..nice to meet you:)

  4. This reminds me of "Daily Gratitude" on Facebook. A place where you can just post on this FB page what you are grateful for each day, not with the intent of getting any 'feedback' or 'likes' just to sit down and be thankful for at least one little thing each day of the year.

  5. seriously!! there's an app for this! oh so wonderful and it's ann's. Instagram has kinda been my "gratitude reminder". And another fabulous family shoot? Can't wait!!!!!