pumpkin patch paradise

taking a break from the gratefulness posts today.
but to see what i am thankful for today, go here.

i have been so looking forward to sharing this special group of photos with you.
i had the privilege of meeting up with some of my favorite people (you of course know leslie) at the pumpkin patch last weekend.
they, graciously,  let me practice my photography skills on a family besides mine.
(since my family get a little burnt on photos)
it was so fun!
a super lot of work, i will say.
but so so cool.
i had a blast.
and though i have a many many many areas to improve in and learn, i was very pleased with what i accomplished.
leslie  agreed to let me share a few and i am afraid its hard to pick just a few
(sorry les, moderation is not my strength....i have many other fine qualities?)

maybe it's because it's not just about the beautiful location and the streaming sunlight, but it's that i really love this family and felt blessed to capture them at this moment and see their love for each other through my camera lens.
i am sure anyone that is a real photographer is smiling and nodding and already knowing that this is the special gift of photographing people.
that new way of seeing them when you look through a lens....
so please enjoy this moment in the life of this sweet family.
and this moment in my journey too.



  1. oh my goodness. blushing. and amazed. thank you so so much.

  2. holy guacamole lady...those pictures are incredible,you have been blessed with so many gifts,your style your craftiness all make me swoon.I just adore you to pieces.p.s i am greatfull for diet coke too:)

  3. I tell you right now...to be able to capture a family, in any given season of life like this...such a gift. They will always feel that day, smell it, taste it when they see these pictures. Pure sweetness.

  4. lets just say, hypothetically, that you were for hire....I would book ya lady. These are beautiful!

  5. How beautiful! Love how you captured the relationships between each person, these pictures are amazing! You are gifted, lady! And your post yesterday was powerful. Praying that your dizziness is better and you are sensing His perfect peace. Much love to you! Thanks for blessing my life.

  6. I found your blog a couple of days ago from life made lovely. Last night I read through several beauty for ashes post and had quiet tears streaming down my cheeks. I appreciate your honesty, your faith, your style, your view of the world through your lens, and so much more. You are so endearing. Your blog feels like home. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh and how can I forget to mention that this Pumpkin patch shoot is just to die for! I wish I could copy and paste my family inside it ;) So beautiful, tender and precious.

  8. Wow. All the kissing, all the love, all the laughter! These are treasured pictures, for sure! Great work!

  9. these are so great. the sun flare is magic

  10. leslie should be blushing, she looks beautiful. these are all so good shauna! i absolutely LOVE that one of them walking away...i can see that as a huge canvas. {you reading this, Leslie? treat yourself to one of those, k? } you captured this beautiful family perfectly!!

  11. these are just beautiful, shauna. you did a really amazing job! leslie has a very beautiful family, too! thanks for sharing!

  12. Ummm....so wanna come to Chicago and take our family Christmas pics??? Seriously beautiful, lady!!

  13. i mean could they be anymore beautiful? great job!

  14. they are all so lovely, but i'm with amy on the one of them walking away.
    it MUST be put on a canvas. it would be gorgeous!!!

  15. that black and white of Leslie and her husband exchanging looks is so special Shauna.

  16. you did an amazing job!
    these are beautiful!!!!!

  17. full time job.
    do it.
    these are completely amazing.
    they could not look more relaxed and in love and the colors and light is so lovely.
    you always have a great feel to your photos shauna...a REAL feel.
    you are GOOD.
    do some more!!!

  18. Oh I miss my California family!! These pictures bring them closer, thanks so much Shauna <3