dreamy ballerina

on tuesday ella became a ballerina.
she received all the ballerina necessities for her birthday and began classes the next day.

this was her at 5:54 in the morning.
playing with her new calico critters from the day before.
(see how she even has her little ballerina backpack on?)
i was a little nervous about her.
she's pretty moody.
and, if intimidated, shuts down.
and right before we went in she looked like this.
but her first class was so perfect.
she loved it.
i mean loved loved loved it.
she is a ballerina.
her little body is made for it.
she followed along flawlessly.
there was a two way glass mirror so i could watch and i figured out how to angle myself to take instagrams.
i seriously couldn't help tearing up because she was so happy and so beautiful.
the teacher was really sweet and beautiful
i am sure she is now ella's idol...
(mine too...wow)
it couldn't have been lovelier.

well, maybe a just a tad lovelier if she hadn't had a three tantrums during the second part of the day....but i think the good outweighed the bad here.



  1. I just died. This made me tear up. You. Are. So. Blessed. Tantrums, ballerinas, karate, bikes, paper straws, puddles, Mission, family, LOVE. So. Blessed.

  2. awwww how adorable/beautiful!
    My little girl took ballet when she was 3, but then we didn't sign up again, not sure why though!
    she did love it!

  3. so cute! she sounds like me at that age. i like the way you displayed the pics. supercute :]

  4. oh the things a mommy misses out on when she only has boys ! super precious.

  5. too stinkin' cute. how fun to get to do something so super girly after so much boy stuff. LOVE the pouting picture though ;)

  6. she makes me want leg warmers, but somehow i don't think they'd be as cute on me.

  7. Both of my girls are in ballet and it is hilarious to watch how differently they behave in class. My oldest is always right on with the teacher, dancing in complete perfection. My younger is often dancing to her own rhythm, and is often found checking her teeth and hair in the big mirror when she should be dancing. Gotta love girls right!?!