really quick.
just to keep it honest here.
i can sometimes put a bit of unnecessary pressure on myself to try not to let photos of my children be so all-consuming on my blog.
especially with this gratefulness series.
like there is some kind of rule that i need to photograph other things too.
and while i do feel interested in photographing other things, just for the fun of it, i'm not as interested in that as i am in photographing them.
they are so very interesting and entertaining to me.
all the time.
it never gets old.
(if you don't have kids and you are doubting this...believe it!)
i may get sick of them....but i never get sick of them.
ya know?
and plus, my life is pretty much completely taken over by them.

so i am publicly saying that i know i take a lot of pictures of them.
i know.
a lot.
but i am going to keep doing that and you can like it or not.
and you will know when i get tired of it because i will stop taking the photos, kay?
and i will not try and be anything that i'm not....until i am.
(do you understand this? not sure if i do...)

and also, i want to try and put an image with each of my hundred things
so sometimes it's a stretch to figure out what to put with an idea.
like today....

the smell of my children's hair.

you know.
it starts out as a baby head (a unmistakable smell, right?)
and then morphs into a sorta sweaty and spicy smell.
sweet when there's been a recent bath or shower.
a bit on the musty side, if not.
i love that smell, no matter what.
i wonder what i'll think when they're teenagers.
or adults.
for now, let it be known that i am grateful for the smell of my children's hair.



  1. Super sweet! Jude just got home from an afternoon hanging out with daddy....his head smells like snakes snails and puppy dog tails!

  2. I couldn't agree more! My mom used to talk about how she loved the smell of her kids, and missed it once we were out of the house. I never understood this until I had kids myself...their smell is the best!

  3. My oldest is 12 and he is starting to smell like a big guy...you know.
    But the smell of my boys is still my favorite. Point is I get it.
    I love this series by the way.

  4. I loved this post tonight. Perfect way to end my evening.

  5. I am a new follower. I also get it. There is no sweeter smell.

  6. well you won't want to see a picture of birds(or something?) when you're old, will you. you'll want to look at those babies and remember your sweet life with them.