a couple more things

you know what?
something i am really grateful for is instagram.
i know i know!
can i really be grateful for two social media avenues in a row?
but hear me out.
i love the little moments it catches!
it has really even changed my life a bit.
because now i can easily go back and process things, after the fact, by being reminded what happened with instagram.
i just printed a bunch out on my own printer the other day
i t was so super easy.
i printed them as 2"X2" squares...tiny.
but then i sewed them all together (just feeding them into my sewing machine in a big row) and hung them on my mantle under all my vintage cameras.
i love it!
you should do this too!
i am grateful for instagram.
God can really use it to bless me.

i also am really grateful for soundproof play areas.
sometimes i really just need this.

so, here we go!
lots and lots of days off school!
Lord give me patience!



  1. i absolutely LOVE that instagram idea on your mantel.
    you are so creative!
    {bet you've never heard that before!} ;)
    have a great weekend!

  2. What a great idea, now if I only had a sewing machine ;)
    We are on Fall break and I'm already nervous. Hope we all survive.

  3. I spy myself on your mantle:) I need to print out those pictures of that weekend.
    I LOVE your banner...great idea!

  4. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that bring us joy. Love instagram. The banner is beautiful! Great idea. aloha, malia

  5. Hi Shauna. I stumbled upon your blog a while ago through Erin's blog. Erin and I (and Bea) were good buddies back at Biola. In fact, I think we maybe met once or twice. I used to know your Eric pretty well. Pls tell him hi from me. I went by Jessy Korch back in the day. And after feeling like I got to know you a bit through your blog I really wish i had gotten to know you better back then. So I just wanted to say hi...and that I think your blog is wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving week!

  6. i LOVE this banner - did you use a thick thread?

  7. oh, how i love that banner you made.
    i have a crummy android phone and serious instagram envy. in a bad way.

  8. holy heck that bunting is amazing!!!!