some ideas, questions and comments

1. is this calico critters camper more fun for me or ella?

2. check out this seasonal update for my red cabinet!
it's just scrap book paper cut to size and sitting up there!
i guess you could tape it but mine stayed without!

3. one day a week i help in each of the boys class rooms.
the other day i stayed for recess....
(that last picture is me and ella hittin' target after i picked her up)

4. does ella really "need a unicorn, really so bad, mom"?

5. this is one of my favorite recent pictures i've taken.

6. if i saw santa last week, does that mean we don't have to see him AT ALL again til next year!?
(please say yes)

7. could she be any cuter?

8. this is my fall-to-christmas set up right now.
doesn't it just say "holidays"?

9. i really loved my outfit this day.
i felt sassy, and what's wrong with that?

10. well, maybe i'll take her back to see him one more time....just her.

11. jake loves reading to ty and ty loves listening.

12. does it get any more cheery than rainbow banners and sunflowers?
OH and by the way! a buncha you have asked about the banners.
*you go to michaels and get the giant packs of 12 inch and/or 5 inch already cut circles in rainbow colors.
*you cut the circle in half with a paper cutter.
* then you start sewing them into a line on your sewing machine....just keep feeding them in!
this banner is one giant long continuous bunting! just strung back and forth.
*i used regular all purpose thread and made sure there was some extra hangin off on both sides.
* done.

13. have you tried these gingerbread boys with chocolate fudge from traders?
do it!
they are spicy!

14.  i like this special book i got last year after christmas! so inspirational!

15. thank you ruby's for making a car i can actually put together with out thinking of storming out of the restaurant and abandoning my children or kicking my husband hard in the legs under the table...that's real nice.

that's all i got for now!
it's one in the morning.
i've gotta go to bed!
have a good monday!


  1. I always love looking at your pictures Shauna. My favorite of this bunch is the one of the boys cuddled up by the fire reading under a blankie.
    And you're all around a sassy girl. I love the outfits you put together. I wish I could do that(Im too chicken). I have a beautiful one of you that I took at the beach on BS Sunday. I'll have to send it to you.
    Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. lots of fun stuff going on at your house! love your front door and your bunting you made. your kiddie pics are so fun! your boys reading like that reminds me of mine...they do it all the time :)

  3. Cracking up over the Ruby's car. I soooo get that!

  4. will you come decorate our new home when we move in may?
    .....i'm so serious.

  5. You, your kids and your captures just make me smile! Thanks for sharing these highlights. You live a beautiful everyday...

  6. i want to come hang out on your front steps and sip some hot chocolate with you.

  7. i love that book.
    and i have missed you this week without my computer.